Aria is the first moderation-oriented bot I made with my own framework, and I think I did a pretty good job.

Owners: Me (Pandentia#0555, 136900814408122368), Hexadecimal™#0910 (163948331956043776)

Prefix: ??


All features are optional and are disabled by default unless otherwise noted with an asterisk.

Feature name Description
Global bans Prevents the worst of the worst from joining your server
Mod logs Since the Audit Log only goes back 45 days, this is a more persistent way of keeping track of moderation actions in a channel (Similar to the Pollr bot)
Welcome messages Messages sent when a user joins, optionally in an embed for support for markdown links. Extensive variables for server names, current channel, username, user mention, etc. Can be formatted as a message or inside an embed.
Temporary voice channels Teamspeak-like voice channels (letting users create their own channels with their own permissions, then deleting when the channel is empty)
Temporary bans Temporarily kicking someone from your server and preventing them from joining for a specified period of time
Regex message filtering Filtering messages with the most powerful of syntaxes, Regex
Hackbans Ban people from your server before they even step foot in it
Voice kicks Kicking specific people from voice channels
Message logging * Logging message history, including deleted messages, to allow for easier moderation
Client crash prevention * Prevents malicious users from crashing people’s clients with malformed strings of characters
Reputation ** A reputation score based on the user’s previous actions, such as getting banned and deleted messages

* Features that are activated by default, but can be disabled at any time.

** Feature cannot be disabled as it would negatively impact other servers, however is restricted to moderator usage.

You can find the commands to enable all of these features via ??help.

Making feature requests

Please submit feature requests via the ??feedback command.


Name origin

Some of you might wonder why I picked this name, and won’t even understand who or what the avatar is. Basically, the long and short of it is that Aria is an asari who controls a mining asteroid known as Omega. To quote the wiki,

Aria is very authoritative of her reign on Omega, ruling the station with an iron fist. […] Almost nothing that happens on Omega escapes her notice, causing mercenary groups to think twice before crossing her.

Due to my love of the Mass Effect series and its story, I felt that this was the perfect name for my moderation bot.